By: Joshua Mathew

The redeemed in Christ have the confidence that God has His good will for them and it is His desire that His children walk into that which He has prepared for them. Yet the route to accomplish this can challenge our comfort zone, inviting one of the biggest hindrances: FEAR. Many of us carry fear in our hearts and it’s daily growth in our lives paralyzes us from moving forward into the reality God wants us to experience. Focusing on Deuteronomy 1:19-38, we looked at Moses’ instruction to the children of Israel in possessing the land of the Amorites God had given them and exposed the dangerous tactics of fear that withheld them from moving into it. These tactics of fear still wrestle with us today even in our devotion to Christ and in our obedience to His perfect will for us. Yet be assured that those of us in Christ have not been given a spirit of fear, but one that is of power, love and of sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7) and His presence is with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9).