As our world declares its independence and rebellion towards God, the need to reach all with the Gospel is mandatory. In this new series titled ‘Chosen’, we are learning from 1 Peter 2:9-10 on what it means to be God’s people who are called for His divine purpose. 

It’s Not Up To You

By: Joshua Mathew

We looked at the premise of what it means to be chosen by God, connecting it with the life of Moses. While evaluating the conversation Moses had with God at the burning bush (Exodus 3:1-14 and 4:1-10), we found deeply rooted issues Moses had when he wrestled with God’s choice of him to be the deliverer of Israel. Issues surrounding his identity, his capability, his adequacy and his competency are still the same excuses we use to not embrace God’s choice of us to be Christ’s witnesses. Yet we are encouraged to know that even though God knows the complexities of our frame as the same with Moses, His choice of us to be redeemed through Jesus Christ and be His chosen generation of His goodwill, was not up to us. It was His Mercy.


By: Ian Opiniano

In the second part of this series ‘Chosen’, we looked at what it means to be part of a Royal Priesthood. We discovered that “being born” into the family of God means that we are now part of a royal inheritance that has a responsibility over the Work, the Worship, and the Washing of the Kingdom. We also discussed how the freedom that comes with salvation is not one that permits us to live the way we want, but it is the freedom to live according to how God designed us to live, without the hindrance of sin.

It’s not about doing, it’s all about being.

A Holy Nation

By: Joel Mathew

Last session as we continued with the ‘Chosen’ series we looked through passages from the old and new testaments and saw that God is the one who sets apart a people for Himself and as His people we only participate in His divine act of grace. And the manifestation of this calling is seen when people have a radical change of heart and live in light of the Gospel; desiring to keep His commandments and persevering in the faith. Knowing that our identity is what drives our behaviour, we understood that such a group of individuals are only found in Jesus Christ. Such a people who are set apart by God, called to be holy and found in Him are a Holy Nation.


By: Joshua Mathew

At the close of our series ‘Chosen’, we remembered that we are God’s special possession in Christ; a people treasured by God. We reflected on the truth that God pursued us while we were sinners and that He still pursues us with an unrelenting love and demonstrates an abundance of mercy and grace over our lives daily. We also received comfort knowing that God preserves us in Christ and that there is absolutely no force that can separate us from His love! To fathom the beauty of our God who pursues and preserves us, we were moved when we learned that God takes pleasure in the redeemed who are found in Christ.