In our series “Press Forward” based on the book of Philippians, Apostle Paul shares timely words of encouragement of living God’s call to serve Christ joyfully in the midst of adversity and imprisonment. Within each chapter of this epistle, Paul exhorts important perspectives on how to live faithfully in God’s calling for our lives during seasons of being stuck, stagnant and feeling unproductive. To start off, we focused on with Paul’s first instruction to live life valuing the Gospel (Phil.1:27 NIV), reflecting on how the Good news of Jesus Christ revealed God’s mercy, released God’s Grace, restored God’s peace and redeemed God’s very own. Having this confidence in the Gospel, we ought to conduct our lives in a manner that values it.

Sustaining Obedience

By: Joshua Mathew

In order to “Press Forward” in the good work God is doing in and through us, Paul encourages to work out our salvation with fear and trembling before God through our sincere obedience to Him (Phil.2:12-13 NIV). So how do we sustain our obedience to God’s good purpose and pleasure when nothing seems to be favourable for it? It’s through our humility. The life of faith reflects a life of obedience unto God but truly obeying God reflects a heart of humility. In the second part of this series, we looked at Paul’s exhortation of following Christ’s humility that wasn’t self-centered, that loved God at the expense of His will and reflected an attitude of gratitude.

Practice Whatever Is Godly

By: Joel Mathew

As we continue our ‘Press Forward’ series, we learned that it is critical to practice whatever is Godly! Looking through chapter four of Philippians, we saw the importance of rejoicing and not being anxious, yielding to the Spirit and allowing the Word to transform us, being content in Christ for every moment in life, and finally learning to give generously just as Jesus gave generously. Now knowing that He is the only one who cannot fail and the only one capable of changing lives for a Godly purpose, we desire to kneel at His feet; laying down our anxiousness and finding true joy in Him.

The Prize

By: Ian Opiniano

In the final sermon of our ‘Press Forward’ series, we looked at chapter three of Philippians and asked “What are we pressing forward to?” We learned that there is a prize for those who persevere through hardships and persecutions. This prize comes in four parts: The Coming Glory, the Conditioned Heart, the Constant Help and above all else, the Christ Jesus.