By: Joshua Mathew

Have you ever noticed that in life you may have to deal with realities you have no control over? Or where you have no choice but to tap out to the uncertainty before you? That’s a divine ‘headlock’! Everything that happens in our life is not random; in fact nothing is by chance or coincidental. God is in control and has ordained all things to occur for His Glory. In this sermon, we observed the lives of various saints from the Bible and especially, our Lord Jesus Christ. We learned that being in a headlock is a very difficult but normal position when we walk with God; it requires our complete surrender and submission as a manifestation of our faith. It’s not easy! We will experience pain, difficulty, sufferings, trials and brokenness of all kinds in which God remains close to us, empathizes with us and works in and through us, continuing to unfold His glorious purpose for our lives. The beauty of this ‘headlock’ is to know that God, who is in absolute control over everything in the universe, loves and cares for us. He knows what He is doing. He is finishing the work that He started in us, and won’t rest till that work of salvation is finished!