Change is on the horizon, but will we be found faithful when it happens? What does it take to be a man or woman of God who conquers the new territories that He leads us in? In this series we study the life of Joshua, a man surrendered to God’s call and one that conquered the challenges that came with the promise land. From his example, we’ll learn how we can conquer the changes that God brings, and live for His purposes faithfully. No one likes change, but in the midst of new horizons we can trust in the unchanging God who commands us to be strong and courageous!

Small Beginnings

By: Ian Opiniano

As we begin this journey into New Horizons, we looked at Joshua’s beginnings as the servant of Moses. It is in this position of servitude that God prepared Joshua to lead his people into the promise land. Joshua’s character enabled him to go through God’s process of preparation faithfully. By developing our character in the same way, we too can be ready for what God has in store for us. First, we must be faithful in the little things; the testing ground for the greater things are n the little. Second, we must be hopeful in the struggle; looking not to the prize but to the One who paid the price. And finally, we must be needful of the unchangeable; amidst circumstances that are ever changing, we must cling to the One that never changes. God’s desire is to bring us from one state of glory to another (2 Corinthians 3:18) and the fulfillment of that promise is just beyond the horizon. The question remains: will you be faithful in the process?

Fight or Flight

By: Ian Opiniano

As we continue our New Horizons series, we looked at the fear that comes with change. How do we handle it? When fear of the unknown comes, do we stay and fight, or do we take flight? Looking at Joshua’s example, we learned that God’s desire for us is to stay and fight. The question then arises, how do we fight fear in the midst of change? Like Joshua, we are to fight with faith, not dependent on our own strength but fully dependent on God. We also learned that we are to fight with proper footing, standing firmly on the Word of God as our pathway into change. Finally, we were reminded to fight alongside friends and not alone; we have a community of believers ready to make a stand with us. Though change can be fearful, we are commanded as believers today to be strong and courageous as Joshua was because it is God Himself who goes before us into new horizons.

Memory Matters

By: Ian Opiniano

As we continue our New Horizons series, we looked at the importance of remembering where we came from. Just as Joshua and the Israelites stopped on their journey to set up memorial stones, we too should stop to remember the goodness of God in our journey. When we remember the faithfulness of God, we are able to fortify our faith. It is also when we recall the goodness of God to others that we are able to encourage others on their journey. Finally, it is when we remember that our journey so far has always been dependent on the grace of God; those moments are when we are able to move forward into the new territories with confidence. The faithfulness of God in our past can be the fuel for us to move forward tomorrow, if only we remember. As we face the new horizons that God brings in, we know that memory matters.

Supply and Demand

By: Ian Opiniano

God’s provision is essential as we enter into new horizons; we can’t handle change without it! But sometimes our expectation of how God provides can get in the way of how God actually wants to provide for us in our new seasons. In this message, we examined God’s provision to Joshua and the Israelites as they entered the Promised Land. We learned that God’s method of provision is often unconventional; taking the route where He is most glorified. We also discovered how God’s provision is seasonal; specific to the season He has us in. Finally, we looked at how God’s provision is positional; beginning at the position of hearts. As we enter change, the demand for God to supply is high, but we can move forward with confidence knowing that He is faithful to supply our every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:19)

Marching Forward

By: Joshua Mathew

As we journey into new horizons for our lives, families and ministries, we can expect there to be barriers that require breaking through. In this message, we looked at how Joshua and the people of Israel broke down the walls of Jericho to obtain the land promised to them by God. We learned the importance of knowing who we are in Christ, and how we ought to march forward into the purposes of God for us. Having an attitude of obedience, persistence and adherence to the voice of God, we can break through whatever barrier is in the way of our good and His glorious will.

Destructive Detours

By: Ian Opiniano

In our journey into new horizons, we can sometimes find ourselves on some destructive detours. These detours often stem from our own sinful desires and oppose God’s good plan for us. In this sermon, we looked at Joshua 7 and Achan’s sin that affected the entire nation. From this, we looked at the disposition of sin; remembering the weight of sin as well as its infectious nature. We then looked at the deception of sin; the reality that sin has the potential to distort our desires, discernment, and decisions. Finally, we looked at the destruction of sin and the process by which we are able to get back on track with God’s plan for us. The road into new horizons are full of detours not meant for us to take, but if ever we find ourselves on them, God’s command is for us to repent and rise again.

My Mountain

By: Ian Opiniano

In the final sermon of our New Horizons series, we looked at Joshua 14 and the story of Caleb, a man who wholly followed the Lord. Caleb’s story of conquering his mountain serves as an example for us as we face the mountains in our lives. How do we remain faithful when faced with daunting circumstances in our lives? Like Caleb, we are to first claim our mountain; accepting our circumstances and taking responsibility for it. Then we are to commit our mountain to God; acknowledging that it is only by His will and His power that we are able to overcome. Finally, we are to do our part and conquer our mountain, for faith without works is dead. As we enter the New Year, mountains can come looming on the horizons, but our faithfulness to God will determine the outcome of the journey. Whatever circumstances come your way, take heart, Christ has overcome the world! (John 16:33)