Life is not void of disappointments and if we do not process them well, we can miss experiencing the sweetness of God in those moments. In this sermon, we looked at the life of David and his journey in becoming the King of Israel; we looked at the layers of disappointments he faced and how he dealt with it when he reached his breaking point (1 Samuel 30:1-10, 17-18). When dealing with our disappointment, we learned that we are to “cry our eyes out”; we are to grieve over our disappointments as a means to walk through them. We also learned to be careful with bitterness; while we grieve, we do not let our disappointments sprout bitterness in our hearts. Thirdly, we learned that we are to encourage ourself in the Lord; we are to speak the truth of who God is in the midst of our circumstances.  Fourthly, we learned we are to inquire for God’s direction; God is faithful to instruct us and teach us in the way we should go. Finally, when we have received His direction, we are to trust and obey Him. Though disappointments can come unexpectedly, they can prepare and lead us to the best appointments God has for us when we deal with it in God’s way.