It is human nature to pursue personal interests, but human interests often collide with the interests of Christ. As the bride of Christ, the Church, therefore, must align its heart with the interests of Christ if it seeks to accomplish the work of His Kingdom here in this world. In this stand-alone sermon, we were asked the question, “What are your interests?” , a question that prompts us to examine whether or not our hearts align with the heart of Christ. We learned that in order to align our hearts with that of our Savior, we must demonstrate a concern for the saints; just as Christ cares for His bride, we too must demonstrate a genuine concern for the Church. Sharing in the interests of Christ also means exhibiting charity to the least of society, for it is in service that our faith is made manifest. Finally, when we partner with Christ in His interests, we are to partner with Him in completing the work, going to whatever lengths to demonstrate and communicate the love of Christ. Unless our hearts are aligned with the heart of Christ, the Church cannot be His hands and feet in the world. Let us then, therefore, with willingness and joy, receive the heart of the Master and serve faithfully in His harvest.