There are many misconceptions when it comes to tithes and offerings. Some assume wrongly that giving is simply a way for the Church to earn money. However, as we saw in this message, our contributions to the Church requires a deeper understanding. As we closed our study in the book of Philippians, we sought to get a better perspective on the act of giving. We first established that giving is an act of worship; not an obligation, but an opportunity to worship God with our finances. Furthermore, we discussed how giving is an opportunity to demonstrate compassion; a genuine concern for those in need. Our contributions are also an opportunity to collaborate with those serving the Kingdom of God; not simply giving to the Church, but investing in the Kingdom. Finally, we learned that our generosity is an opportunity to build the testimony of the Church. It is important to have a proper perspective when it comes to God’s tithes and our offerings, and this starts by simply realizing that we don’t “have to give”, but rather, we “get to give.”