It’s common practice to pray fervently during the middle of a crisis, but how fervently do we pray in times of peace? In this stand-alone sermon we looked at the necessity of praying in preparation for the trials to come. We saw the need to pray for peace, so that regardless of what problems may come, we are able to say, “not my  will, but God’s will be done.” We also looked at the need to pray for protection against temptations and the schemes of the enemy. Why wait until we are in the midst of temptations to pray, when we can pray to avoid temptations all together. Finally we looked at praying to persevere, relying on God to sustain us long before the crisis arrives. Fervent prayer prior to the storms of life is necessary in order to prepare us for whatever may come our way. This preperation in prayer gives us the opportunity to remain faithful even in the times of crisis. Christ calls us to “watch and pray”!