Christmas is the time of year where we get to celebrate our Savior’s birth. As believers, we have the great privilege to know the true meaning of the season but also have the great responsibility to share its message. In this Christmas sermon, we looked at the Biblical account of Christmas and the response of the shepherds who first heard the good news. We learned that, similar to how the shepherds received the good news, we too must receive the news with an open and willing heart. We also saw how the shepherds, upon receiving the news of the Savior’s birth, retold the news to others and recounted the events that took place. In the same way, we as believers have the responsibility to tell others of the good news and our personal encounter with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Finally, we saw how the shepherds continued to worship God in their lives even after encountering the new born King. In the same light, we too are called to relive the joy and the message of Christmas in our personal lives beyond the holiday season. It’s not enough to simply celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ during the Christmas, we must do so every day of the year.