This year in our Easter service we examined the finish work of Jesus Christ demonstrated in His life, death and resurrection. We recalled how Jesus lived the life that we could not live; upholding the Law of God and not falling short in any. In comparison, we recognized how humanity has individually and inherently fallen short of the standards of a Holy God and are in need of a Savior. We also examined Christ’s finish work on the cross by paying the price that we could not pay. Jesus’ death paid the penalty for our sin in order that we can be credited His righteousness. We learned that this is what call the doctrine of “double imputation”; our sins being placed on Christ, and Christ’s righteousness being credited to us. Lastly, we discussed how the finish work of Jesus in conquering the grave demonstrates the sufficiency of His payment on the cross. The resurrection of Jesus assures those who place their trust in His finished work that they can truly be in a right relationship with God. The work that Jesus completed through His life, death and resurrection is the reason for Easter and the greatest hope for humanity. Hallelujah! It is finished!