There are times in a believer’s life when the fires of the faith can diminish, and passion for the things of God can dwindle down to smoldering flames. In this standalone sermon, we looked at Jesus’ rebuke to the church of Laodicea(Revelations 3:14-22) and observed His invitation to lukewarm Christians to once again burn with passion for the faith. We saw how Jesus invites stagnant believers to refinement, for it is in the fires of adversity where faith is purified like precious gold. We also saw how Jesus invites complacent Christians to righteousness, recalling to mind where true value and worth resides—the imputed righteousness of Christ. Jesus follows this up with an invitation to restoration, mending spiritual blindness and allowing the apathetic believer to once again see clearly. Finally, we saw how Jesus invites indifferent Christians to repentance; for it is in the sincere recollection of the sin that slayed the Savior that our faith can rise again. It is at this junction of “lukewarm faith” that we must receive the invitation of Christ to fan the flames of our faith back to life again.