In this sermon, we were challenged like the Israelites in the book of Joshua to make choices by relying either on the wisdom of God or the wisdom of this world. We learned that first and foremost, wisdom cannot come without life change. Wise choices are within reach for every believer solely because of the unmerited favour of Jesus Christ. He embodies and completes every element of wisdom and extends this wisdom those who abide in Him. With this truth in mind, we then explored practical steps as a response of the Holy Spirit working in believers. By walking in the Spirit, we seek godly counsel. We ask God for wisdom through prayer, by reading the Scriptures and by listening to the advice of mature brothers and sisters in the Lord. In the same vein, we can also learn wisdom from the mistakes made from those before us as to not repeat them. Even the choices we make are offered up to the will of our heavenly Father, to demonstrate surrender and trust in a God who knows what’s best for His children. May God continually be glorified by the choices we make every day.