In this standalone sermon we looked at Paul’s letter to the Galatians and discussed what it means to be filled by the Spirit. From this sermon, we established that being filled with the Spirit has less to do about having more of the Spirit, but the Spirit having more of us. The idea is that we can often give our time and energy to lifestyles that do not cultivate a healthy relationship with the Spirit. One of those lifestyles is that of religion; when our privilege to be in relationship with God becomes merely a procedure our service begins to lack sincerity. Another lifestyle that becomes detrimental to our relationship with the Spirit is that of rebellion. When we continually grieve and quench the Spirit it disrupts our fellowship with the Spirit. Ultimately what enables us to be filled is through a sincere relationship with the Holy Spirit. It is when we surrender ourselves more to the leading of the Spirit do we find ourselves more fulfilled and empowered to live out the Christian life.