The times are changing. We live in a world that is very much anti-Christian. Morality and values propagated by western society are often contrary and hostile to the truth of the Word of God. Believers are often criticized for their views and pressured to compromise on convictions. This series seeks to answer, “how do we as believers stay true to the timeless truth of the Gospel while living in a society that opposes it?” For this, we will be studying Peter’s first letter to the persecuted church of his day and seek to draw out truths that will help us in our modern times. In an age where the church is villainized, our convictions criticized, and the truth compromised, we who stand on the Gospel of Jesus Christ are ostracized—we are exiles.

By: Ian Opiniano

As we began our study in 1 Peter, we looked at the start of Peter’s encouragement to the persecuted church. We discovered that our peace in troubled times begins when we have a clear understanding of the Triune God who is the source of our peace. We learned that even the times of persecution are within the spectrum of the Father’s purposes for the believer. We also learned that trials are all part of the Spirit’s process to refine the Church. Finally, we saw how the hostility of the world towards Christians bring praise to Christ as it proves the legitimacy of His finished work in a believer’s life. Ultimately, the confidence of the believer in times of persecution is that we have a God that is intimately involved in our troubles, and who administers grace and peace in them.