Forgiveness is a concept that is often highly spoken of in the Church, and idealized in society. However, too often forgiveness is used as a means for selfish gain and not genuine restoration in relationships. In this stand alone sermon, we looked at the Biblical understanding of forgiveness, and how it is meant to be an opportunity to be Christ-like and not simply closure. We discussed how forgiveness ought to be a characteristic of the righteous; those who have been forgiven by God and made righteous through Christ are to forgive others. Forgiveness is compulsory with repentance; we are obligated to forgive those who come to us in genuine repentance and not withhold forgiveness. It was also mentioned that, forgiveness is a commitment to reconciliation; it is the first step on the road to healing relationships. Finally, it was discussed that we are not to “forgive and forget” but rather forgive and remember why we have forgiven, for lasting forgiveness is contingent on remembrance. As recipients of  God’s forgiveness we must forgive.