The fiercest battles are the ones that happen inside of us: the desire to honour the Lord versus the desire to sin. The woman in the garden of Eden, along with Adam, fell for the serpent’s tempting words and what the forbidden tree seemingly offered. We looked at Genesis 3 and 1 John 2 to see how the love of the world cannot coexist with the love of our heavenly Father. We learned that when we follow the Holy Spirit, we will not yield to worldly desires that crave for sinful gratification. We also learned that when we seek Christ above, who is our life, then we will not succumb to worldly desires that covet earthly possessions. And finally, we learned that when we boast in our Lord, we will not entertain worldly desires that celebrate self-supremacy. May we live in the eternal love of the Father and not get swayed by the forbidden love of the world!