Communicating our vision, and mission as a church: Reach, Revolve, Reflect. We are called by Christ to be salt and light to the world. Salt enhances flavor, preserves goods, and even purifies; building lives that revolve around Christ and reflect His love opens doors for enriching and edifying lives, and preserving truth. We are also called to be light, illuminating the way to Christ.


By: Ian Opiniano

As we began our vision casting series, we looked at the necessity to revolve around Christ and how to do so practically, both individually and as a Church. We discussed our method of preaching perspective; we preach a Biblical worldview where Christ is at the epicenter of our reality. We also looked at the necessity to place priority on Christ, and how everything we do must bring Him glory. In addition to this, we also examined the importance of pursuing purity, for it is when we turn to sin that Christ ceases from being at our center. Finally, we looked at how we push for perseverance in our ministries; we get the privilege of being the tool that Christ uses to preserve His people. We are called to be the salt of the earth. Like salt, it is our responsibility to preserve the truth, proclaim healing and liberty, and testify of the New Covenant in Christ.


By: Benji Thomas

God shines the light of His glory, kindness, and love upon His Church and as a result, we cannot help but reflect this light to those around us. Over time, as we grow in the grace and truth of Christ Jesus, we will shine forth this light ever more brightly, so we should find ourselves looking for more and more opportunities to reflect the light of Jesus the longer we are His disciples. In our passage, Paul instructs the church on how exactly we can shine forth the light of Christ Jesus despite living in a dark world. It is our prayer that at the heart of our church, that our joy would be complete by reflecting Christ.


By: Joel Mathew

In our final sermon, we saw our responsibility to carry the message of the cross to every person, and trust in the Lord to use our preaching of the Gospel to save sinners. Our responsibility is to make disciples of all nations by baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit, and teaching them to observe everything in Scripture. From Romans 10:13-15, we were reminded of
four truths: salvation comes from Christ, faith comes from Scripture, the Gospel comes from proclamation and the message comes from messengers. Our prayer is to be the salt and light of the earth that reflects the radiance of Jesus Christ who will preserve His people and shine the light of His glory in the hearts of men, women and children from every tribe, tongue and nation! May God save His people from their sins.