In this standalone sermon, we looked at some practical ways to cultivate our faith even in times of isolation and trials. For this, we examined the Apostle Peter’s last instructions to the Church before he faced martyrdom for Christ (2 Peter 1). We were reminded of the need to supplement our faith with certain qualities and practices so that we would not grow “ineffective” or “fruitless”. These qualities include guarding our values; not compromising moral excellence in the midst of trials. We are to read Scripture and be grounded in the truth while observing self-control by surrendering to the Holy Spirit. In addition to this, we are to wait faithfully for God while cultivating an inner devotion to Him even in times of uncertainty. All these things should result in nurturing others and growing in love for them, but more importantly—growing deeper in love with our Savior. Times of hardships are no excuse for our faith to grow cold and stagnant. Trials ought to be fuel to propel us closer to our Savior and grow us in the faith.