We live in a world with so many things to concern our minds and often leaves us in a place of mental fatigue. In this standalone sermon, we looked at some practices that cultivate the peace of God in our minds and give us rest from mental exhaustion. We saw the necessity of choosing to rejoice in the Lord. We are called to delight in the ways that God has demonstrated His grace in our lives, rather than focus on the areas where we are lacking. We also saw the necessity to request in prayer the help we need to overcome the trials in our lives. Prayer ought to be our first response to the difficulty we face in this life rather than an afterthought. Finally, we were told to reckon the good; to reason through our difficult circumstances with the filter of a Christ-centered world view. In this world of many troubles, the distinguishing characteristic of the believer is not a lack of problems, but the abundant supply of God’s peace in the midst of problems.