With the advent of Christmas, it is necessary and good for us to think about Jesus since He is indeed, the reason for the season. And to think about Him, we need to be reminded of the uniqueness of His personhood. We looked at John 1 to see how the eternal Word became flesh and dwelt among men to accomplish the will of the Father for the salvation of God’s people. We looked at the hypostatic union, a deeply rich and treasured doctrine of the Christian faith that teaches that Jesus was both, truly divine and truly human, without any mixture between the two natures. Furthermore, we saw the implications of this doctrine and learned that any compromise to this teaching in the church would be catastrophic to our faith and hope in salvation. As we look forward to celebrating Christmas, let us remind ourselves that “to us a Child was born, a Son was given,” and may we marvel at the person and work of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!