God will open doors for those who follow Him that lead to effective work for His Kingdom. But sometimes these doors are wrought with adversity and trials. Why then should we desire the will of God over our own? This is the question that we looked to answer in this standalone sermon by Pastor Ian. We were reminded that God’s will is higher; His purposes are purer than our own and encompasses the bigger picture. In addition, God’s glory is greater than our good; though painful at times we must as Christians resolve to live for the Savior’s glory. Finally, we must find that God’s presences is sweeter and more satisfying than any pleasures of this world. We can trust that when we obey the will of God that His presence will be with us for strength and grace in our time of need. God has opened a wide door for effective ministry and has invited His children to come work alongside Him. Though there may be adversity on the other side, we can be assured that His presence will be too.