What does it mean to abide in Christ? What fruit are we called to produce as branches attached to the Vine? In this standalone sermon, we looked at the believer’s call to abide in Christ and the fruit that we are to bear. We found that the purpose of abiding in Him is for the purpose of relationship; both vertically with God and horizontally with others. We were reminded that to truly abide in Him means that we are to embrace His commands; cherish them as they are coming from our loving Savior. In addition, we are to emulate His love for one another as the fruit of abiding in Him. Finally, we were reminded that we encounter His joy in full as we abide in His love and love each other. The invitation of Christ is to abide in Him, and the fruit of this is loving each other—this, in turn, brings glory to God. So let us then with willing hearts cherish the command of our Savior, and prove to be true disciples.