How do we resolve the restlessness in our souls? In this standalone sermon, we looked at the root of our restlessness and how to get back on track with our Christian walks. As we saw in Scripture when we have a low regard of God’s Word, it results in pursuing sin and the things of this world. Our sin and disobedience are what ultimately causes us to feel frustrated and restless in our souls. The call then is to come back to the ancient paths, the good path that leads to life. In order to do this, we learned that we must first recognize the ancient paths, coming to see the difference in the way we’ve been going and the way God wants us to go. Once we recognize our circumstance, we are to request for the ancient paths as an active display of our repentance from the way we were going. Finally, we are to rest in the ancient paths as they ultimately lead to Christ. We find rest for our souls when we cease from disobedience and pursue the rest only found in Christ.