There are times in our lives where we can grow cold in our passion for the things of God. This may be a result of sin in our lives or simply a constant repetition over time. In this series, we will endeavor to reignite our passion for the things of God in the areas of Bible reading, prayer, worship and even church attendance. We will be looking at practical ways to enhance our time and fruit from these spiritual practices. Our hope is that by going back to the basics we will awaken from the stupor of a repetitive Christian walk, and that our relationship with God will flourish with vibrancy.

Back To The Bible

As we began our series entitled “Back to the basics” we began with the topic of Scripture and some practical ways to approach our time in God’s Word. We established the authoritative nature of Scripture being “God breathed” setting the foundation as to why we turn to the Bible. We discussed how we are to come with expectation whenever we approach the Word of God, believing that it is the living word, able to speak to us when we come with eager ears to hear. We were also shown why context is key when it comes to interpreting Scripture, and the necessity of consulting with the full counsel of Scripture as opposed to reading passages in isolation. We were also reminded of the importance of committing Scripture to memory in order to truly meditate on God’s Word. Finally, we were reminded to keep Christ at the center of our devotional times and not placing ourselves at the center of the text. With these practical steps to reading the Bible, the hope is to rekindle passion for Scripture and bring us back to the Bible.

Back To Prayer

Continuing in our “Back to the Basics” series, we came back to the basics of prayer and discussed what the posture of our hearts ought to be when we commune with God. We were reminded of the reverence we are to have when we pray, recognizing the holiness of God as we bring our requests to Him. We were also reminded to pray with persistence, relentlessly bringing our requests to God and trusting that He will answer. It is for this reason that we must pray with confidence, knowing that God’s will and timing far exceed our expectations. Finally, we are to pray with guidance from the Holy Spirit, allowing the Spirit to lead our prayers so that they would line up with the will of God. Prayer is crucial for the growth of the believer and requires that our hearts are in the right posture as we enter into the throne room of the Holy God.

Back To Worship

In this continuation of our “Back to the Basics” series, we looked at how to get back to sincere and passionate worship. We were reminded that worship is not limited to the songs we sing at church, but that God desires true worshippers who worship Him with their lives. This is the call to worship God with everything; every facet of our lives must be a holy and acceptable offering to God. There is also a need to worship God with excellence, offering our best to God and not half-hearted gestures. Finally, we learned how we can worship God with everyone; our relationships are meant to be an avenue in which we can also bring glory to God. We are called to be living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, so let us then with all that we are and all that we have pursue lives that are worthy of our Holy God.

Back To Church

As we concluded our Back to the Basics series, we looked at the importance of the church assembly to the life of the believer. We were reminded of the privilege it is to assemble together as believers, understanding that we have been accepted by God and granted access into His presence, an act that was only permitted to the high priests of old. We were also reminded that our great high priest, Jesus Christ accompanies us into the holy places along with our brothers and sisters in the faith; the exclusivity of this act is something we can often take for granted. With this privilege in mind, we were then reminded of how we are to come to church. Firstly, we are to come in faith, believing that through Christ’s blood we have truly been accepted into God’s presence. Secondly, we are to come with hope ready to encourage others with the hope of the Gospel. Finally, we are to come to love on others; putting the needs of others above our own and exemplifying the love of God to one another. The assembly of the believers is not meant to be taken for granted but regarded as a privilege from God; a reminder of His grace to welcome us into His family. With these thoughts in our minds and conviction in our hearts, let us get back to church.