For centuries, many protestant churches have held to the tradition of lighting a candle each week during the holiday season, commemorating the advent themes of hope, peace, joy, and love. This year, we will dive into each of those themes with the goal of refreshing our memories of how the birth of Jesus gives us access to these spiritual realities. In a world that is desperately looking for hope, may we be grounded in the living hope we have in the Savior. Though the world may lack peace and joy, may we be comforted in the Prince of Peace and the source of real joy. Join us this Christmas season as we remember the love of God demonstrated in the gift of His Son—Jesus Christ.

A Thrill Of Hope

By: Ian Opiniano

As we celebrate the Advent season, we looked at the hope that the birth of the Savior brings. We saw how the hope of Christmas was promised by God amidst the dark day of the Fall of man. This hope is found in God’s retribution over the serpent, cursing the creature to forever crawl on its belly and eat the dust of the earth as a sign of Satan’s defeat. God also promises enmity between the serpent and the woman, foreshadowing His work of regeneration that enables a remnant of humanity to break free from the shackles of sin. Finally, we saw how God curses the serpent with the seed of the woman; the offspring who will crush the serpent’s head and be bruised for humanity’s sin. This final judgment on the serpent is our hope of redemption through the birth of Christ into the world. This Christmas, let us remember the hope we have in Christ that shines into our dark world.

A Cry For Peace

By: Benji Thomas

As we continue our Advent series in the sermon titled a Cry for Peace, we are reminded by the prophet Micah the reason as to how Jesus’ birth provides us access to Peace. The seemingly never ending conflict in the world can breed cynicism in our hearts towards there ever being peace on earth. This is because the type of peace we long for is not spiritual but material. Jesus on the other hand brings peace not for worldly conflict but one for eternity. He brings peace to the conflict between the sinner and God. Jesus is the answer to our cry for Peace. Only once we are at peace with God can we truly be empowered by the Spirit to be peacemakers with all men.

Joy To The World

By: Joel Mathew

In this sermon, we looked at Luke 2:10-12 where the angel brought good news of great joy to the Shepherds who were looking after their flock at night. We learned that as Christians, we ought to be joyful when celebrating the coming of Jesus as a servant. We saw that the good news brings great joy because it is for everyone, was planned by God, and is Jesus Himself. With that understanding, may we be like the angel and proclaim to everyone, “joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive her King!”

When Love Appeared

By: Ian Opiniano

As we celebrate the fourth weekend of the Advent season, we looked at God’s love demonstrated in the arrival of Christ. We were reminded of the  breadth of God’s love by recalling the context in which Christ appeared. The advent of Christ took place despite humanity being fallen in sin showing how God’s love covers even the greatest of evils. We were also reminded of the depths of God’s love in salvific work to save sinners through the process of regeneration. Finally, we saw the lengths in which God demonstrates His love in His purpose to save us for eternity. As we reflect on the Christmas season, let us remember the mire in which God’s love found us and save us. 

The Christ Of Christmas

By: Ian Opiniano

As we concluded our Advent series, we looked at the final theme of the Christmas holidays, and that is “Christ”. In this sermon we examined the testimony of Simeon to truly get an accurate understanding of who Christ was at the first Advent. We saw how Jesus came for the salvation of Israel, a nation seeking consolation. This was to fulfill God’s promises from the Old Testament, promising freedom to the Jews–especially freedom from sin. Secondly, we saw how Christ came to save the world; Jesus came to be a light to the Gentiles and welcome us into the family of God. Finally, we were reminded that the Christ also came to be a stumbling block to many; He would be the dividing line between those who rise to justification, and those who fall into damnation. The culmination of the advent themes of hope, peace, joy and love is embodied in the one person–Jesus the Christ