As we began the new year, we looked to revive our passion for the church and our desire to gather together with other believers. We looked to Psalm 84 and the heart of the psalmist who proclaimed “better is one day in the courts of the Lord than thousands elsewhere”. We saw how this passion was fueled by an expectation of blessing, knowing that we can receive refuge, revival, and refreshment in the house of the Lord. We also saw the Psalmist’s push to assemble for worship, reminding us of our own responsibility to make an effort to come to church; we should not offer God worship that cost us nothing! Finally, we were reminded of what our passion for worship should be, a heart that prioritizes the house of the Lord and prefers it over any other place in the world. This new year let us rekindle our passion to gather and worship so that we may truly declare that there is no better place to be than the house of our holy God.