As we enter into the new year, we want to set faith goals to ensure we accomplish our church’s mission to reach, revolve and reflect the love of Christ. In this new series we will discuss practical steps that we all can take to ensure our own spiritual growth as well as the growth of the church. Join us as we see our vision to see lives changed by the Gospel in a new light, and endeavor for growth!

To Reach a People

By: Ian Opiniano

As we began our vision casting series “Faith Goals” we looked at the steps our church will be taking to fulfill our mission to reach a people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this, we looked to the example of the apostle Paul in the books of Acts. We saw how he specifically chose to train a disciple in order to help carry out his mission. Similarly we too are to disciple others for the furtherance of the Gospel. We also saw how Paul targeted a people to teach the word. This resulted in churches being strengthened in the faith, and people being saved. As a church, this is what we hope to do in this new year, and by faith we will do whatever it takes to reach a people for Christ.

To Revolve Around the Gospel

By: Ian Opiniano

In this sermon, we continued our vision casting series to set faith goals for our church in the new year. We looked at our mission to cultivate lives and ministry that revolve around the Gospel. We saw that in order to do this we must stand together, not wavering or compromising the truths of God’s Word. We also saw how we must strive together, rallying around the common goal of proclaiming the Gospel. Finally, we saw how our endeavor to revolve around the Gospel means that there will be times where we will need to suffer together. In a world that actively works against the church and the things of God, our hope as believers is to stand together and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To Reflect Christ’s Love

By: Ian Opiniano

As we concluded our vision casting series we looked at our final faith goal to reflect Christ’s love. This command to reflect the love of the Savior is what identifies believers and what separates us from the kind of love that the world demonstrates. We saw first hand from the example of Christ Himself what it means to truly love like He did. First we must be known as a people of faith; outsiders must know that they can come to the church to experience the love of Christ. The church must also be a people of compassion, not cold and uncaring but moved in our inner parts to action. Finally, we must remember that in order to demonstrate the love of Christ, we must be a people of obedience, pointing others to follow the source of real love. In a world where love is twisted to fit man’s agenda, we must be a people that reflects the true definition of love–the love of Jesus Christ.