What does it mean to be part of a local church? What can we do to see our church grow? In this news series we will be looking at the Biblical responsibility for believers to be part of a local church. We will be examining our role in the local body of Christ and what we can contribute to see our church flourish and fulfill its call to see lives changed by the Gospel. Join us as we discuss what it means to be a partner in the work of God through Pluslife.

Pursue The Lord

By: Ian Opiniano

As we began our new series, we looked at the Christian’s responsibility to pursue Christ. We saw from God’s word that pursuing Christ requires a “fight”; an effortful struggle to follow after Christ. In order to do this, we were reminded to choose our battles; keeping our walk with Christ the primary object in which we invest our energy and resources. We were also reminded to claim our identity in Christ; we don’t function from who we were in our sin, but take action in who Christ is making us to be–a reflection of Himself. We also saw the importance of cherishing the faith; we guard what we cherish and therefore should cherish not only our faith but the faith of others. Finally, we were reminded to center our focus on Christ, the true prize and reward of our faith. True followers of Christ take up their cross and follow after the Savior.

Holiness Under Grace

By: Josiah Tse

Members are expected to live worthy of God’s calling by crucifying their flesh and yielding to the Holy  Spirit. There should be an evident pursuit of holiness in all aspects of life by putting sinful thoughts,  words and actions to death, and focusing on things that are godly. For matters that are not forbidden  or condemned by God’s Word, members are free to exercise Christian liberty while being conscious  of their own spiritual health, and the consciences of other family members, and having compassion  on the lost; longing to glorify God in all such matters.

Stewards of God’s Grace

By: Ben Thomas

Members are expected to set apart time to attend the corporate gatherings of the church on a regular  basis and participate in church fellowship, meetings, and events as much as possible. Financial  support for the church is also expected where members faithfully and cheerfully give a generous  portion of their income, as led by the Lord. Likewise, spiritual gifts and talents are to be stewarded for  the edification of the whole body.

Submission with a Mission

By: Ian Opiniano

Members are expected to submit to the Eldership in the teaching of God’s Word, which includes the  Statement of Convictions mentioned in Article IV.Section 2; and in the governance of the church.  Within this care includes church discipline that may be administered when needed, as set forth by  Scripture, for the spiritual restoration of a fallen member and the edification of the church family.

Loving One Another

By: Paul Tuck

Members are expected to labour with a heart of love, care, and unity within the fellowship of the  Saints by not causing confusion, disruption, or distrust but by honouring one another and mutually  overseeing one another. They are to serve wholeheartedly to meet the aim and objective of the  church.

Share the Gospel

By: Ian Opiniano

Members are expected to strive and share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ where they  are positioned; the mission field begins with the local community and can stretch out worldwide.  Every opportunity the Lord brings to bear His witness is to be prayerfully seized, so that the truth may  be spoken with grace from a heart of love, accompanied with good works that glorify God.

To God be the Glory

By: Ian Opiniano

Members are expected to have a God-centred worldview that brings glory to God in all thoughts,  words and actions.