As a local church of Christ, we are His ambassadors to a world in need of Him. But how do we do this practically? How do we truly represent Christ in this world? In this vision casting series, we will be looking at Pluslife’s mission to reach people with the Gospel, cultivate lives that revolve around Christ, and reflect His love to our communities. It is through this that we exemplify what it truly means to be His ambassadors in this world.

Our Message

By: Ian Opiniano

As we began our series on what it means to practically live out our call as Ambassadors of Christ, we looked at what our message to the world should be. We saw how our message must be that of repentance, calling the world to flee from sin and turn to God. Secondly, our message should proclaim the power of God to regenerate and forgive even the worst of sinners and help us walk in righteousness. Finally, our message should be that of reconciliation, declaring how God out of love desires and pleads for sinners to be reconciled with Him. As ambassadors of the King of Kings, we must declare to the world the lengths in which Christ has gone to forgive and reconcile sinners to Himself.

Our Manners

By: Ian Opiniano

Continuing our vision casting series on what it means to be ambassadors of God, we looked at our church’s mission to cultivate lives that revolve around Christ. In order to do this, we saw how our lives must be governed by certain qualities that cultivate a Christ centered worldview. First, our lives must be governed by gratitude, living grateful lives for what Christ has done for us. Secondly, we must live generously, no longer living for ourselves but for Christ and others. Lastly, we must pursue godliness, behaving and perceiving the world with the lens of heaven. As ambassadors of Christ we must live with the manners befitting one who represents the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Our Mission

By: Ian Opiniano

As we conclude our vision casting series in which we looked at what it means to be Ambassadors of Christ, we were reminded of what our mission is–to reflect His love. We saw from Christ’s example that we are to love completely, not demonstrating partiality to those whom we love but to all. We were also reminded that love requires effort, a methodical approach to how we demonstrate the love of Christ. Finally, Christ’s example of love shows us that there must be humility involved to truly love like Him. Our mission is to reflect Christ’s love into our world, communicating the extent in which the Savior showed His love to the world.