They call this modern age the “information age” and as a result the warfare that is commonly fought by believers is in the mind. Paul in his second letter to the Corinthian church describes the need to “take every thought captive” and ways to do so. We were reminded that we must think beyond the physical, retaining the perspective that there are spiritual forces at work to deter us from fulfilling the call of God for our lives. Paul also urges believers to turn to divine weapons– the Word of God and prayer to combat and destroy spiritual strongholds. We were also reminded to take the offensive when it comes to battling against intrusive thoughts and temptations; we must be vigilant in our watch over every thought and idea that comes our way. Finally, when we have done all that we can to stand, we must remember to tarry in Christ–our refuge and our source of grace when the battle becomes difficult. As believers, we must guard our thoughts from the many deceptive ideas in the world in order to faithfully fight the good fight of the faith.