How do we ensure that we reap the most from our walks with the Lord, and how should we as a church continue to cultivate growth in our community? In this vision casting series, we look to refresh our hearts and minds towards the mission of our church, as well as discover better ways to approach growth in our walk with God.

Reaching for Fruit

By: Ian Opiniano

In this sermon we unpack the Great Commission and look at practical ways to better reach people with the Gospel. We find the method in Scripture is that of discipleship; communicating the Gospel through our words and through our lives. With these practical tools in hand, may we bear much fruit in reaching unbelievers with the Gospel.

Reflecting for Fruit

By: Ian Opiniano

As we unpack Pluslife’s mission to reflect the love of Christ, we examine the kind of love we are to show as described by Paul in Romans 12. We were reminded that the love we show is meant to be sacrificial and in service of others, reflecting the love of Christ for His Church. This kind of sincere love is what ultimately bears the most fruit in our community.

Living for Fruit

By: Ian Opiniano

As we conclude our vision casting series, we look at the final mission of Pluslife–to revolve around Christ. We seek to answer the question “how do we cultivate a life that revolves around the Savior’s will for us?” For this we look at Paul’s letter to Timothy and his exhortation to live like a soldier with a sole focus to please God, an athlete who practices self control and a farmer who sows in patient perseverance. Ultimately, if we want to see fruit cultivated in our lives, we must live with the glory of Christ at the centre of all our earthly ambitions.